Marilyn Scarabin

Marilyn Scarabin

Birthday: 11-25-46

Not born in Tembagapura

Carriere, Mississippi, USA

Spouse: Louis (D.D.) Scarabin

Arrival: April 27 1976

Departure: 2nd time Sept. 1997


Deron Scarabin Carriere, Ms., Jason Scarabin L.A. CA., Joshua Scarabin Oxford, Ms., Kessie Scarabin Chicago, Il.


It is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life, for many reasons. We learned the culture of many different people We respected and loved the Indonesian people. We were invited into their homes, sat at their tables, and ate their delicious food. Never knew rice could taste so good. ha At the time we were there we didn’t have t.v., we had to make our own fun, and boy did we ever do that. There were dinner parties, dances, talent shows, casino nite, video nites at the club, volley ball, tennis, baseball, squash, the womens club, or just women getting together to sew or learn new recipes. We were never bored, our kids, Deron, Jason and Josh were happy, doing their own thing. In 1977 I had a baby girl, Kessie by a mid-wife at the ole hospital, was served pork-n-beans every morning for breakfast while in the hospital for seven days. That was the rule at that time in Tembagapura to stay 7 days after having a baby. The nurses were great, and made me feel special. All the Indonesian people had a way about them to always make you feel welcome, and loved in their country. We loved our time we spent there, what a blessing it was in our lives! Because of our experiences there, our lives are different.

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