Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson

Birthday:� 02/19/59

Birth:� No

Elko, Nevada, USA

Spouse:� Eileen Jeanette

Arrival:� February, 1989

Departure:� March, 2002


Eileen: Elko, Nevada Michelle: Moscow, Idaho Nick: Elko, Nevada Jennifer: Elko, Nevada


I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to live and work in T-town and with the great people we met and came to enjoy along the way. Freeport was an incredible company to work with. I never observed any demonstration of willful violation of social or environmental degredation within the work area condonded by the company. I no longer work with Freeport – but I will always hold them in high regard. We certainly miss not living in Indonesia and there are many days that we wish we were back there. It is just not our turn any longer.

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