Jackie Borders – San Diego, CA

To think that I thought I would loose contact with those that I called my family for so many years in Tembags. Not anymore. This site is perfect to avoid loosing contact. Thanks so much for putting it together. My family- The Borders (Joe, Aileen, Joey &amp Johnny) were in Irian for pretty much all of the 90’s (more or less). Haven’t been back since high school and sure miss it. It’s great to hear names again of those that I grew up with. I definitely think somesort of reunion is in order-maybe this summer! I know there has been talk-but we should just do it. Contact me! I’m a junior at San Diego State University and the boys are up in Northern Cal in the Bay Area; Joey(Igotitall91@aol.com) is a sophomore and Johnny (sk8john21@aol.com) is a freshman this year. For sure contact us to catch up. Thanks again!

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