Grant Jacobson – San Antonio, TX USA

My family and I were in Tembagapura around October/November 1973. Yes, a long time ago. I was in 5th grade. I’ll never forget those wonderful times. My Father was the foreman for the mine. We only stayed there for a little over 2 mths. We were so sad when we found out we were moving back to the U.S.My brother &amp sister and I spent each day either in the jungle or at the river. We had the tallest tree house I’ve ever seen. Does anyone remember Angelo? He was a young native boy we befriended and taught to speak some English. I’ll never forget crossing the river to get to school or trading pop tarts or tennis balls to the natives for fire starters, bows, arrows etc. Also, the food at the little Indonesian restaurant with the sauteed beef was awesome. Best memory – walking up to the mine with a friend and about 5 natives. Way too cool! I’m a H.S. Science teacher now and I can’t remember how many times I have told some of these stories. I hope to go back some day. I found this website accidentally. What a great suprise! I’d like to see some pic’s of in town, school etc. Thanks for helping bring back some great memories.

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