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The main site at http://www.tembagapura.com has been updated significantly to enhance visitors’ experience.  Take a look!  So much of what you”ll find are remnants of what the site once was.  The blog has really made it easier to manage because the information is now in a database and can be modified so much easier than in the past.  For what it”s worth, I hope you”ll find visiting the site a pleasurable memory-inducing experience.  If nothing else, it”s a great place to show your friends and family where on earth you lived, are living or will live. Worth noting: Since this original post, the site is in the process of migrating to new servers which may take a while before the updates described above are enjoyed.

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  1. I was a newly graduated doctoral student from Tulane University and came to Tembagapura at the request of Dr. Cyril Swaine, the medical officer at the site. This was in summer and fall of 1975. I did an extensive study of the blood and intestinal parasites of the Indonesian population that was employed by Freeport at the time. Would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Have hundreds of slides that I took and would love to share those with this site.

    Chet Harbut

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