Land of Orange Blossoms

“Le Pays des Fleurs Oranges,” The Land of Orange Blossoms by William R. Stringfield

A genealogical study of several Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana families from the 1700s to the present. Supplement completed in Sept. 1991. Original volume of 858 pages, indexed, over 15,000 names. Supplement volume is 138 pages, indexed, with about 5,700 names.

Surnames included in the books are: Adolph, Alesich, Angelo, Anglada, Ansardi, Armstrong, Balay, Baril, Barrois, Bayhi, Bowers, Breny (Bruney), Bubrig, Bulot, Buras (Burat), Cavalier, Charter, Clark, Cognevich, Collette, Colombel, Coludrovich, Cook, Cosse, Dobard, Dobson, Dolese, Dragon, Edgecombe, Elston, Fontennelle, Franovich, Frederic, Freilich, Gartoucies, Gasquet, Gauthier, Goodman, Hingle, Jackson, Jacomine, Jeanfreau, Johnson, Kiger, LaFrance, Lassus, Laussade, Lincoln, Marshall, Martin, Miller, Mistich, Morel, Morgan, Nunez, O’Brien, Pelas, Plumer, Ragas, Richarmne, Ricouard, Rodi, Ronquillo, Scarabin, Scelson, Scobel, Smith, Solis, Squarsich, Stockfelth, Sylve, Taylor, Touchard, Treadaway, Turlich, Vidacovich, Vinet, Williams, Yuratich, and Zuvich. Pedigree charts.

Land of Orange Blossoms

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