AMOLE! From Sudarwanto

As I mentioned the other day, this is one of paintings I have made to express myself to my old memories of Tembagapura anda here is one of them. It”s a highlander who dwells Tembagapura area. Hope you enjoy the style. And if you like it, please send me your comments.

Hi! All My Old Memories…

A couple days ago I received a welcome email from Jason Scarabin. Thanks Jason for making me exist in your wonderful web! It means a great deal of to me and you know what reunion really means, my friend!. It wakes me up again with my old memories and suddenly it’s now time for me to share to you all. I love being the part of this community. All the past memory is unforgettable for the rest of my life. It’s been already seven years since I finally left Tembagapura from resignation. I had begun working at Freeport project in Engineering & Construction Dept as an administrator from March 1992 until December 1998. I do browsing and find out many familiar names around here including the owner, Scarabin’s (Mine Legend). So, well..I’m breathing fresh .. let me just write anything to you again and again and hopefully we create mutual friend relationship for a better value of our lives in the future. See you then