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Annie Caroline Adolph Chapman

We are so sad to report that Aunt Annie Adolph Chapman has passed away. Her obituary can be found at Annie Caroline Adolph Chapman’s obituary.


Emmett Joseph Adolph, Sr.

We are sorry to report the passing of Emmett Joseph Adolph, Sr.


Art and Wilavi “Wilie” Schairer

I also pass along that our mother Wilavi (most remember her as Wilie) passed away on 2/15/2009 due to short battle with cancer. Dad (Art) passed away in November 1991. We we there from...


Terri Foster

Bob Foster’s wife Terri Foster has passed away. The Fosters were long time residents of Tembagapura.


Harold Barney

Harold Barney has passed away this morning at 2am CST in Springfield, MO. Anita and Alce reported this to Louis “D.D.” & Marilyn Scarabin. Harold and family lived in Tembagapura for a number of...


Larry Heston

Reported from Louis M. “D.D.” Scarabin, Jr.: Larry Heston, beloved husband of Charlotte and father of Todd and Alison, passed away on August 30, 2006. Services were held in Louisiana on September 1, 2006.


Rick Nelson

Reported from Riley Nelson: Rick Nelson, beloved husband of Ruth and father of Riley, passed away suddenly on March 21, 2005.


Adam Gasior

Margo Rhinehart reported the passing of Adam Gasior last Sunday, March 17, 2002. A memorial Mass was held in New Orleans on Thursday, March 21, 2002. Adam was from Australia.


Judy Wilbanks

We are sad to report that Judy Wilbanks passed away during Thanksgiving, 2001. We offer our sincere condolences to Hayes and Rowdy.


Doyle Dugan

Apparently, in the summer of 2001, Doyle Dugan passed away. Our sincere condolences go out to Diane.

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