Irian Jaya 7.6 earthquake

The U.S. National Weather Service has reported a 7.6 quake in the “bird’s head” area of Irian Jaya on Jan. 3, 2009.

Does anyone know if the jobsite was affected by this.

Hello from Jones Family

Hello to all Tembagapurans! What a great thing to find this site. Wonderful to see all the names we remember and the photos from the reunion, even though it was three years ago. We were Tembagapurans from 1986 to 1991.

We put up some photos of us then and now.

I have been with Stillwater Mining Company (Platinum/Palladium) in Montana for 6 years. I’ve worked here with several TPRA vets, as one would expect: John Arrasmith, Bob Schuler and Jim Phipps are here now. Bob Taylor, Allan Schappert, Denny Stout, and Ed Wernett have been here previously. Ralph Barker consulted here a few years back. And a couple of RAM Raisers are still alimak-ing and have been through here as well.

Thanks to Jason Scarabin for keeping this site. It is great to see new photos. Are they joking . . . A Tembagapura shopping mall?!? A Sheraton Hotel in Timika?!?

TPRA was our greatest experience and we are happy to see so many who feel the same.

Doug, Sharon, Tacey, Zachary, and Nathan Jones


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The main site at has been updated significantly to enhance visitors’ experience.  Take a look!  So much of what you”ll find are remnants of what the site once was.  The blog has really made it easier to manage because the information is now in a database and can be modified so much easier than in the past.  For what it”s worth, I hope you”ll find visiting the site a pleasurable memory-inducing experience.  If nothing else, it”s a great place to show your friends and family where on earth you lived, are living or will live. Worth noting: Since this original post, the site is in the process of migrating to new servers which may take a while before the updates described above are enjoyed.

Pad 11

Pad (Mile) 11 was the old “end of the road.” It was where builders had previously given up on a road to Amamapare (Portsite)… with fond memories of the old, rarely crossed bridge, and finding fiddler crabs while waiting for the Jeremiah to pick us up.

Sajon’s Diet

Sajon’s diet: 259 lbs on April 18, 2004 to 212 lbs by June 2004 and kept it off for a few months until breaking from the diet.  This is NOT comprehensive or absolute.
Food is pain (when you abuse it).  Repeat this phrase in your mind because YOU have abused it and it has made you unhappy.

  1. Do something that makes yourself hideously unattractive; i.e., I grew my hair long (since cut it) and dipped tobacco (not recommended).
  2. Small portions on everything.  Do not stuff yourself EVER.
  3. Weigh yourself every day.  If you did not drop from the previous day, you did something wrong and must reduce portions.
  4. Fast for 48 hours. This means ZERO consumption of anything including water (NOT a drop) or anything else.  Break this fast with a Granny Smith apple… wait an hour then bake the Salmon described later.
  5. Liquids Under NO circumstance including holidays and celebrations will you drink outside these specified drinks or your choice of an equivalent in calories and carbohydrates.  If you refuse to give up beer, drink Aspen or Miller Lite. Drink lightly.
    • Water
    • Green Tea (Celestial Seasonings Antioxidant) with Lemon
    • Coffee (Black with Equal if you like)
    • Cranberry Juice (Low-Carb usually designated on jugs or labeled as Diet)
    • Grey Goose Vodka (Kettle One is the ONLY acceptable substitute)
    1. Meats Fish, Chicken & most seafood prepared anyway you like including fried but always use Olive Oil or butter.  Red meat is fine about twice a month prepared anyway you like.  Salmon must be a staple because of the Omega-3 Fatty Acids.
    2. Vegetables Onions, Mushrooms, Garlic and Lettuce.  Cook these with Olive Oil or butter except the lettuce.  Eat lettuce with croutons (if you like), cheese and Ranch dressing (NOT lite) every day.  Tomatoes are fine, but I do not eat them regularly.
    3. Fruit Granny Smith Apples & Lemons.  Avoid oranges and pineapples.
    Habits Pick a habit that consumes at least 2 hours a day that is productive, consumes your mind and feels good.  Ask me in private what I did and do.
    Salmon recipe (L.B. taught me 99% of this recipe): Bake on 350 for 30 minutes on top of aluminum foil after seasoning it and plugging it with garlic cloves.  Remove salmon, turn it over, remove the skin, place it on a NEW sheet of foil, and season the new side.  Broil for 10 minutes, slice a lemon and spray the salmon with it.
    Snacks Feel free to add good quality chocolate to your coffee or have Hershey’s Kisses with Almonds, no-salt peanuts and low-sodium Ritz crackers with cheese or Cream Cheese.
    Salt NEVER add salt to your meals.  Shop for low-salt products.  Swiss cheese seems to have the lowest amount of salt.
    Vitamins I take one Centrum Carb Assist vitamin daily with food.
    Shopping Grocery shop often.  Stop eating out PERIOD.  D.M. taught me to stay on the outer edges when grocery shopping.