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Land of Orange Blossoms

“Le Pays des Fleurs Oranges,” The Land of Orange Blossoms by William R. Stringfield A genealogical study of several Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana families from the 1700s to the present. Supplement completed in Sept. 1991....


Scarabin history – United States and France

The surname Scarabin is traced only to Bordeaux, France although many believe it’s an Ukrainian name. The Bordeaux connection is because Francois Scarabin’s ship probably sailed from Bordeaux, but he was from San (Saint)...


Jean Guillaume Burat

Louis “D.D.” M. Scarabin, Jr. passed this along which appears to have originated from Alvin Buras: Our first Buras ancester that came to America, Jean Guillaume Burat, came on the ship “UNION” on 28...

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