Category: Tembagapura

My thoughts on living in the tiny jungle town of Tembagapura, Indonesia.


TRICTION: Mentally Disordered

To express my excitement for my upcoming first actual novel is thrilling!  I hope you’ll enjoy it.  It’s going to be available sometime after April 19, 2017 from all e-book retailers.  Print copies will...


remembered my password

Hey Jason, I finally remembered my password….where are all the photos? things have changed a bit…how do I go about talking with someone from TPRA


AMOLE! From Sudarwanto

As I mentioned the other day, this is one of paintings I have made to express myself to my old memories of Tembagapura anda here is one of them. It”s a highlander who dwells...


Hi! All My Old Memories…

A couple days ago I received a welcome email from Jason Scarabin. Thanks Jason for making me exist in your wonderful web! It means a great deal of to me and you know what...


Does anyone know this man?

Perhaps no photo captures the native spirit better as we remember! Photo by D.D. Scarabin in the early 1990s near Tembagapura.

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