To Toast a Town

Years ago, I strolled the streets of Sun Valley, Idaho.  I felt protected.  I thought the future was sealed.  You cannot go to this city without an overwhelming romantic wave crash against you – comparable to walking on a beach but avoiding the sand.  Not going to happen.

Now, that I’m married with two children, I want to take my family there.  I want that electricity mandated by the city’s environment to ignite my future’s purpose again.  I remember little else from that visit long ago.  Only the romance.

A toast to you, Sun Valley, ID!


I refuse to register my arms.  They’ve become fatter and I don’t want that tracked… Not to mention, moderate carpal tunnel in one wrist.  Next thing you know, I’d be getting spam wanting me to buy arm products.  It’s already started with the Nair and Deodorant commercials.  Moreover, I’m not registering the two (Grizzly) arms in my freezer; They’re stamped with FDA already, isnt’ that enough?  Even if they weren’t, it’s not like I have Mountain Lion arms in my freezer.  I understand what the founders meant when they said Bear arms.