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My poems.



Time to run, time to lose Time to eat, time to snooze Time to be nice, not mean Time to be lean, not green Have you had a remarkable day? Have you lost yourself...


Job Hunt

JOB HUNT Making copies of your life into a paper fill Green little monsters rapidly moving in Typing and fretting, it’s exhausting to find Pressured by well-wishers and wallet alike Damn this, I’m going...



  ELITE In a world where pleasure is criminalized In a world where pain is glorified I died, I cried but I didn’t lie on the side Take me for a ride on your...


When We Wed

  I don’t want to see you listening I don’t want to hear you seeing I don’t want to taste you feeling I don’t want to feel you tasting and I don’t want to...


Sorry small man

I’m sorry you’re small, not tall, not thick I’m sorry you’re obsessed with lack of d_ck (your own) Peeny small man, your jealousy is despicable You’re not smart and you’re not slick I’m sorry...



Looney Chunks of life disappeared before my very eyes On my way home, contemplative, looked to the skies Brightness covered my memories but something dark too Shadows of lost time, shadows rang loud and...


Reason I Died

REASON I DIED The reason I died is because I could find no… no reason to live.   08-25-2003 11:35am PDT 08-29-2003 12:50pm PDT   – Jason L. Scarabin


The Storm

One time my family went on a picnic.  We ate then we played ball.  The whole sky was blue.  Then one big cloud covered the whole place.  And it started to rain and thunder...

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