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Monya Graham Manning

Monya Graham Manning Monya.Manning@schwab.com Birthday: 4/1/64 Birth: No City: Martinez State: CA Country: USA Marriage: Yes Spouse: Christopher Arrival: Summer 1976 Departure: Winter 1978 Family Gary and Paulette Graham (parents) live in Talent OR,...


James Hansen

James Hansen JHansen542@aol.com Birthday: 08/03/66 Birth: No City: Reno State: Nevada Country: USA Marriage: Yes Spouse: Janine Arrival: 1976 sometime Departure: sometime in 1978 Family Larry Hansen Willard, Utah Lorraine (hansen) Memory Ely, Nevada...


The Storm

One time my family went on a picnic.  We ate then we played ball.  The whole sky was blue.  Then one big cloud covered the whole place.  And it started to rain and thunder...


Jason Louis Scarabin

Louis M. “D.D.” Scarabin, Jr and wife Marilyn had their second baby boy in New Orleans, LA on Friday, October 17, 1969.

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