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“Predatory men, you who, by force or fraud, in spite of the law or through the agency of the law, grow fat on the people’s substance; you who live by the errors you disseminate,...


2011 Sean to California

Sean McFarland visits his sister’s family in southern California for his Spring Break.  In this video:  Sean McFarland, Melanie McFarland Scarabin, Parker Scarabin and Ainsley Scarabin.  Edited by Jason Scarabin.


Jean Guillaume Burat

Louis “D.D.” M. Scarabin, Jr. passed this along which appears to have originated from Alvin Buras: Our first Buras ancester that came to America, Jean Guillaume Burat, came on the ship “UNION” on 28...


Art and Wilavi “Wilie” Schairer

I also pass along that our mother Wilavi (most remember her as Wilie) passed away on 2/15/2009 due to short battle with cancer. Dad (Art) passed away in November 1991. We we there from...


Irian Jaya 7.6 earthquake

The U.S. National Weather Service has reported a 7.6 quake in the “bird’s head” area of Irian Jaya on Jan. 3, 2009. Does anyone know if the jobsite was affected by this.

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