Art and Wilavi “Wilie” Schairer

I also pass along that our mother Wilavi (most remember her as Wilie) passed away on 2/15/2009 due to short battle with cancer. Dad (Art) passed away in November 1991.

We we there from ’74-’79.

Irian Jaya 7.6 earthquake

The U.S. National Weather Service has reported a 7.6 quake in the “bird’s head” area of Irian Jaya on Jan. 3, 2009.

Does anyone know if the jobsite was affected by this.

Design Services

This page is most for existing clients. I have no interest in obtaining new clients. Your pages are designed exactly as you ask them to be within my skills. If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll do my best to figure out how to do it. I am not professionally trained, but experienced and equipped to deliver what you want and need. Communication will be through e-mail. Make your payment. Please note that fees will increase to US$50 per hour effective July 1, 2008. If your bill reaches $500, all work will cease until your bill is balanced to $0.

For more information, please e-mail Jason Scarabin.

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The Lopez Family

Hello to everyone from Tembags. We arrived in about January of 1982 and left in May of 1985. I remember with great fondness our good friends such as the Herrs, Crafts, Foulds, Rendons, Carters, the Johnsons, the Steels (sp?) and many others whose name, but not faces, escape me. My father, like many others, worked in the mine, my sisters Tamara and Vanessa and I attended the school where my mother, Twyla, was the General Music teacher. It would be really great to meet with others townmates we knew. For those of you on My Space, I’ve created a new group for the Tembagapura. Feel free to join by going to [Jack’s links are dead]. In addition, I am there under [Jack’s links are dead]. Love, Jack Lopez-Turner

Terri Foster

Bob Foster’s wife Terri Foster has passed away. The Fosters were long time residents of Tembagapura.

Hello from Jones Family

Hello to all Tembagapurans! What a great thing to find this site. Wonderful to see all the names we remember and the photos from the reunion, even though it was three years ago. We were Tembagapurans from 1986 to 1991.

We put up some photos of us then and now.

I have been with Stillwater Mining Company (Platinum/Palladium) in Montana for 6 years. I’ve worked here with several TPRA vets, as one would expect: John Arrasmith, Bob Schuler and Jim Phipps are here now. Bob Taylor, Allan Schappert, Denny Stout, and Ed Wernett have been here previously. Ralph Barker consulted here a few years back. And a couple of RAM Raisers are still alimak-ing and have been through here as well.

Thanks to Jason Scarabin for keeping this site. It is great to see new photos. Are they joking . . . A Tembagapura shopping mall?!? A Sheraton Hotel in Timika?!?

TPRA was our greatest experience and we are happy to see so many who feel the same.

Doug, Sharon, Tacey, Zachary, and Nathan Jones

Jones Family

Jones 2006 Christmas, Billings, Montana. On the left are Zach, 18, and Tacey, 20. They are the two blonde kids chatting with the natives in the bottom photo, taken in 1990. Next is Sharon, 39, and Nate, 15, who was 8 months in the oven when we left TPRA, so he kinda lived there as well. On the right is me, Doug, also 39.

2006 Christmas in Billings, MT

Doug Jones 1987 at the Dom Site. Grasberg is directly behind me the way it usually appeared, in the clouds. There was no Grabserg activity then, but a few crazy geologists thought there might be something there worth going after.
Doug Jones 1987

Color Contrast – Tacey, Zach, and Natives 1990
Color Contrast - Tacey, Zach, and Natives 1990


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1992 – Ride through Tembagapura

After returning as a family for the first time since 1982, the Scarabin Family makes a departure through town and up the road until… they get a flat tire just before reaching the tunnel… on their way to Timika.