Cassie Keene

Cassie Keene






Cedar Hill









Feb. 1990


Dec. 1991


Mom – Lorraine Mantei (Then Keene) DeSoto, TX U.S.A. Dad- Donald Keene Brisbane, Queensland Australia Brother- Daniel Keene New York, NY U.S.A. Brother- Kendall Keene Denton, Tx U.S.A.


As a kid living in T-bags was an awesome experience and something I truely think helped mold me into the person I am now. We had so much more independence living in a small isolated town than we would have back in the states. Ran around the streets alone, placing various rock games and exploring the rocks that were the playgrounds of our neighborhood in Palapa. Trading the native children cokes for the small junk they could find in the area. My dad running the hash run and returning with a huge stick protruding from his calf- that was gross! The great flood that happened while I was home with the maid and my parents were at the lupa layla club. School was cancelled for like a week beacause of it- I was glad my good friends lived on the same side of the river as me. The experiences I went through are one that no one understands unless they were there. I am still in contact with some of the people I knew there– from when I was in third, fourth and fifth grade. The experience is one that binded the souls involved together in a very special way. I will never forget or regret any of my encounters in Tembagapura. For me this T-bags influenced my career choice also – I plan on teaching in the states for a while and then hope to teach over seas. Had I never lived there I may never have learned to love traveling as much as I have, or learned that it pays to be adventurous. The good the bad– it all was an experience that has deeply influenced me!!

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