Louis M. “D.D.” Scarabin, Jr.

Louis M. “D.D.” Scarabin, Jr.

Birthday: 08/01/40

Not born in Tembagapura.

Carriere, MS, USA

Spouse: Marilyn A. Scarabin

Arrival: April 27 1976 and August 1995

Departure: December 1982 and September 1997 (Kuala Kencana)


Deron Patrick Scarabin, Jason Louis Scarabin, Joshua Henry Scarabin & Kessie Helen (Scarabin) Bratko


Living in Tembagapura had to have been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The work was rugged and challenging. The weather was often dreary and rain or fog prevailing, but on a clear day or night it is one of the most spectacular and beautiful places in the world. What really sticks out in my mind is the bonding that took place between diverse nationalities and cultures particularly the sub-diversity of the Indonesian people and cultures. There in Tembagapura was a collection of some of the hardest working most wonderful people you would ever meet inspired and motivated by the challenges and opportunities presented by Freeport and the Indonesian Government. People came and left, some serving shorter periods than others, some returning after a pause in the world they had previously lived in, but the progress continued, the producton increased, and the individuals, families, and processes grew and improved. We all left a better person for having lived there. I had the opportunity to share this experience with my wife and three young sons, to witness the birth of my daughter onsite, to live in Hidden Valley and Kuala Kencana, to work throughout the contract of work area, including Timika and Portsite, and to serve four years in Jakarta. I thank the management of Freeport, the Government of Indonesia, my co workers, my family, and the people of Indonesia for this opportunity.

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  1. hello om D.D Scarabin
    my name is Diah. My father worked with you at Tembagapura. His name is Sunaryo if you remember. We lived infront of your house at Jalan Iwaka, Kuala Kencana. My father always talking about you. He is kind of missing you. If you dont mind to give your email address, so he can write to you..
    thank you


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