Tegan Cannon – Perth, w.a Australia

HEY all its me tegan!!! obviously. I had no idea this existed until about 4hrs 8mins and 36sec wait 38sec ago…. My family Krissy,Raymond(bullet), Cody and FAT Cat lived in tembagapura from 88 to 94. I had the best time of my life there. Seriously people asked where I had come from and nobody beleived me!! I now know why! Although we had problems there i still enjoyed it. Hope all whom are there now are safe and will remain that way. I remember that super old store and all of those rats on the food eeeewwww! And I remember the good things of course. Please everyone and anyone contact me, and come visit. Lots of luv Teegies. p.s my personal e-mail is schmeegs@hotmail.com (schmeegs is my new nick name… better than fuzz as i still have curly hair) xxxx

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