Kaui MacDonald – Japan

Hi everyone! Thank you, Jason, for this site. My family was in Tembagapura from 1989-1994, and I can happily say that those were formative years for me. Big thank-you’s to all of the ISST teachers (Hi Mrs. Goforth!! Where are you Zimmers??). I’m teaching in Japan now, thanks to a lot of inspiration from all of you. Arigato gozaimasu! Hugs to my girls Preeti and Arika. Aaron, where are you?? Hi classmates: Ruchelle, Zorida, Mary Joyce, Kaui, Henry, Shawn, Cal, Natalie, and Zoraida! Also hi to Zack, Lucy, Rosie, Yvonne, Bart, Marianna, Cheryl, Jason, Julia, Michelle, Mark, Richard, and Adam. My love to the Giaudrones, Pawsons, Doughertys, Cooks, and Actons. And all of you NOLA people, it was so great to see you again. Thanks!

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