Kim Bayes – Duncan, BC Canada

Hello to all you Junglebunnies…this is a fabulous site Jason…thank-you very much for making a part of my dream come once again be able to see a part of my home and to reminisce with old friends. I saw Bart Andrews the other day, my has he ever changed. He’s the one who told me about this web site.I’ve spent hours reading everyone’s memories and looking at old familiar faces and scenes.I remember playing Kick the Can, Jailbreak, and the Math Games.I’ve tried many times to get the kids over here to play but it just didn’t have the same feeling as when the whole town of kids use to play…I’m looking forward to hearing from ya’ll..Does anyone know how to get orders from that Lumpiah Lady???..LOL..Keep in touch everyone…Luv ya..Amole..

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