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Hi Jason,

You’ve got some great ideas and a great site. We’d love to be able to assist as much as possible. As you know, however, we are down to a staff of two or three here in New Orleans and don’t have much time to spare. This is certainly the kind of thing that would be great for some of the guys at site to help you with, but they are pretty busy with their own ongoing programs. If you are able to implement only part of your plan, it would be great.

There are a few things I need to point out. I note that your site is not currently billed as anything close to being an "Official Freeport Site." For a number of reasons, it needs to remain that way. We would need to make sure that any kind of future collaberation is handled as a “friendly” and not “official” gesture. For instance, we are adamant that we stay away from anything remotely viewed as “political” content on our own public sites. We don’t engage in any kind of political discussion on our site and can’t be associated with any other sites that do. There are strict legal reasons for this. We can’t be responsible for statements posted on bulletin boards on other sites, but if a site has a “sponsored by Freeport” link, we’d have a problem. Hence, I think the best way to handle this is for you to give us a better idea of specific things we can do to help you. Your proposal lists some great ideas, but we need to see exactly what you need from us to make them happen.

I’ll add a few notes to the specifics in your proposal below.

Thanks let’s keep in touch!
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From: Jason Scarabin
Sent: Tuesday, October 29, 2002 3:29 PM
To: Probst, Gregory
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Hi Greg,

GREAT to hear back from you! The summers of ’93 and ’94 bring back memories of Garland, Tom Brown, Jackson Ellisor and of course, you (although, I can’t recall if we’ve met). Nevertheless, I’ve heard your name repeatedly over the years. I thoroughly enjoyed the days of working with Planit (albeit through MS Benbow & Associates) on the Irian Jaya Room project.

My parents speak VERY highly of you, and I will be sure to give your regards to them.

Of the ideas I’ll list below, I must say the given. The site generates a lot traffic. It is a door which has been created that can be used for Freeport-McMoRan’s benefit. It’s there, it exists. For traffic may not otherwise receive, gets it. With its #1 ranking on many notable search engines including, its popularity increases exponentially.

In addition, I must state the original 2-fold purpose of 1) Reunite old friends and 2) Re-create or initiate the experience of being in Tembagapura without actually being there. It has been successful with reuniting old friends. It has to some degree recreated and initiated the experience. I’ve heard from many strangers (college professors, high school teachers, etc.) with thanksgiving for what the site provided for them.

Here are some of the ideas (as outlandish as some may seem, I believe in them and want them to work). They are listed in no particular order of importance, necessity or cost:

Produce a series of documentaries for and about former, current and future residents… appealing to the public at large; i.e., something that could potentially be sold to History Channel, Discovery Channel, MTV, and/or Disney Channel (I’ve worked for Disney Channel for 7 years). DVD/VHS for sale exclusively at Ideas and/or writing for this could be handled by including scheduling families to be interviewed, etc. for a "Where are they now?" sort of series.
[Probst, Greg] This sounds great – you should pursue it. What can we do specifically?
Access to Freeport-McMoRan and its families’ video and photo archives to be available online at
[Probst, Greg] Also a good idea – you would probably have more access than we would here.
Virtual Tour of Tembagapura available to subscribers.
[Probst, Greg] Seems doable – I could perhaps get Bernard’s guys to shoot this, time allowing.
Online Training and Orientation for current and future Tembagapura residents.
[Probst, Greg] This seems to be more of a Freeport issue – should be handled by the HRD people at site.
News Service; i.e., (objective) reporters based IN Tembagapura and surrounding towns.
[Probst, Greg] If they are willing – why not?
Online Tembagapura TV/Radio/Magazine available exclusively at
[Probst, Greg] We’ve got our own publications that could be made available through links, but we don’t have time for any additional publication activities at site.
Online Library Archives of the every aspect of the history of the town and its residents.
[Probst, Greg] This would be great, but I can’t think of anyone who has the time or resources to pull it off. If you can do it, sounds great!
Sell artifacts and souvenirs from the town employing perhaps 100’s of the indigenous Irianese…. available for purchase and shipping exclusively at
[Probst, Greg] Great idea – seems like you’d need to link up with our Small Business Development Unit. I can give you a contact. You could also contact Carolyn Cook about helping her to market coffee that is being grown in Utekini, Tsinga and Aroanop – "Amungme Gold."
Sell Freeport-McMoRan paraphernalia; i.e., Caterpillar miniatures, etc.
[Probst, Greg] We’d prefer not to have anything "officially Freeport" on sites not directly under our control.
Online orientation for contractors on a more personal level from
[Probst, Greg] Similar to the item above – should be handled by Freeport and the Contractor Firms.
Sponsorship of a reunion of past, present and future residents NOT excluding a simulcast from different locales in the case of a singular site being unreasonable for all of Tembagapura’s global family.
[Probst, Greg] A possibility. We’d need to see specifics & proposed dollar amounts.
These are my ideas. I believe in them. Naturally, some would employ both Indigenous and Indonesian people. Some require enormous dollars, some don’t. I believe that each will provide a fruitful outcome… having far-reaching effects including, but not limited to, the rise of Freeport stock and reputation, the rise in the economy of not only Tembagapura, but Indonesia, and the soothing of relations in light of the global threat of terrorism. In addition, many of the ideas present the risk in all business, profit or loss. I want to work these ideas, though some may fail, where both Freeport-McMoRan and PROFIT.

I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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