Bridget Dougherty – Mesa, Az USA

Holy cow!! it is funny how much you miss the simplicty of a place so much and all of a sudden you click a mouse and here it is right in font of you. how times have evolved!! to bad i cant smell it or feel it though. and what i wouldnt give for some french frys at the store, or to sit with Gweneth on the bridge and watch the rain come down. thank you for putting up this sight it was nice to see that the people i grew up with are still around and are doing great!!! (hey nani) of course there are those you cant get away from (BARKERS!!!) (HEHEHEHEHe you know i love you guys!!) I want to give a shout out to mr. robinson thanks for all the wisdom you shared with us and thank you to all the teachers expecally our second grade teacher (you know who you are!). To the next generation of tempagapurans i hope you never take for granted what you have around you and carry with you the understanding that you are truly lucky to be in such a beautiful place.

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