Tembagapura Families

Not many of these links actually work because the pages are not on the server.

Gallego Garcia Gerhardt Giaudrone Goforth
Graham Green Grenda Gulian
Hansen Harsono Henderson Hendricks Herr
Heston Harrower
Innocent Irmawanto
Jacobson Jahagirdar Johnson Jordan Joshi
Kapinus Karubaba Keene Keller King
Knight Knoess Koppe Kusnander
Lambert Lazarevic Levine Little Lockhart
Lofgreen Lopez Lowman Lovelace Lukowski
MacDonald Maehl Manipon Markovic Marshall
Marz Mathar McDonald McGill McLauchlan
McNees Means Mehonoshen Merdjanic Mitchell
Montana Monzingo
Neal Nelson Ness Newton
Pangemanan Paralta Pawson Plaisance Podufalski
Pohlman Probst
Rankin Rayco Reinsborough Rhinehart Risamasu
Robinson Rosario
Scarabin Sedgemore Shackelford Sievert Silitonga
Silverstone Simanjuntak Sisson Smith Soucy
Spracklen Staines Stannett Stewart Still
Stolte Stolzfus Stout Sullivan Swaine
Thirwasiwas Tindal Tobing Todasco Towsey
Wallis White Wilbanks Wilstead Wirawanto
Yunar Yuzna

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  1. To have your family name listed here, please e-mail jason@tembagapura.com . In your e-mail, please include great details of who you are and what your connection is, was or will be with the town and/or people of Tembagapura, Papua, Indonesia. Please keep in mind that even though your name may be listed as a hyperlink, it does not mean it goes anywhere. At some point, this will updated. Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you!

  2. Hi! this is kim heffingon. its been a long time since i’ve heard from anyone.. I would love to hear from any of you that know me.. short, brown eyes, brown hair.. 1983-1985..

  3. Hi,
    I use to live in Hidden Valley in 1996-1997 when i was in Grade 1, and i am desperatly trying to find some of the students i went to school with then at the International School. Thir family names are not here, but maybe someone might have an email or may be in contact with one of the families. The family names are as follows: Sherin, Jacoby and Herault. I know this is a long shot trying to find these families, as it was a long time ago, but it’s always worth a try.

  4. Hi everyone! I know this is a late response, but I lived in Hidden Valley when I was a kid. I lived there 1996-1997 and I was in 2nd grade.
    I am trying to find a family who was from Canada and had a daughter my age named Christina. Unfortunately I cannot remember their surname, but if anyone has any idea that would be wonderful!
    Thanks so much!
    Oh, and it was pretty exciting to find this group! đŸ™‚

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