Tembagapura.com is not affiliated with, not subsidized by, nor associated with Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. (or any of its affiliated companies) in any way, shape or form whether legal or otherwise. The above applies to all companies doing business in, for and in behalf of Tembagapura.

Tembagapura.com has no opinion about, nor comment on, nor interest in Freeport-McMoRan’s operations in Tembagapura. Visitors to Tembagapura.com may have their opinions or comments. Tembagapura.com holds NO accountability for negative comments posted on the site outside of timely removal of such postings upon notice or notification.

Although privacy for visitors is extremely important, by posting your e-mail address and contributing your personal information and photos, you are relinquishing some level of privacy. The site will do all that is feasible to safeguard your privacy, but will not commit to preserve it.

Tembagapura.com is averaging 43 thousand hits per month (Summer 2003). Naturally, spammers are keen on devouring the site, the blog, the forum and/or guestbook for e-mail addresses. In addition, malicious advertisers will drop a site link there. Tembagapura.com will swiftly remove such hyperlinks upon notice or notification. Trash and unsolicited material are not tolerated.

The material contained in Tembagapura.com is copy written unless stated otherwise.

Tembagapura.com has NO authority concerning employment, travel, living quarters, etc. in Tembagapura.

Tembagapura.com is privately owned and operated.


Jason Scarabin

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