Does anyone know this man?

Perhaps no photo captures the native spirit better as we remember!
Photo by D.D. Scarabin in the early 1990s near Tembagapura.

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  1. Yes, thats either Tuarik (deceased) or Tipai Natkime i guess…

    By the way, my native friend Markus Dibitau was exited to visit this site and he found one of the reunion picts that is very familiar and sweet memory on his mind but he didn’t know the name of Mr&Mrs whose on that picture.. Would you help him identify and give him the email address so he can contact them….

    this is my friend whos asking

    i hope the picture shows up..

    well, thanks Jason..

    Minggus Renyaan

  2. Hi everyone, I’m new and exited to joining this site. Feel free to respond my comment. I’m more than glad to reply. I’m pretty sure that picture was taken years ago when I wasn’t born. But I am copying the picture so that I can show the picture to my dad. When he identify the man and his name I’ll return with the answer. If I don’t show up then that would mean the man is Tipai Natkime

  3. I arrived Irian Jaya portsite Oct, 1971 as a Constr. Supt. for Bechtel Const. Initially Supervised const. of 1st dock,& Fdns for ore drying and storage fac. Later moved to mile 68 (Townsite), set up concrete batchplant and started constr. of house & comm bldg fdns. Orig. town built for 1500 pop. Moved to camp 74 & built all fdns for the Millsite bldg’s and lower service tram and orig. ore tram,s & same for upperfdn’s @ Ertzberg. Finished two yr. stay as townsite supt., completing all housing and comm. bldg’s. Last few months fam. joined me while seconded to Freeport & kids attended school 1st yr open. Photo looks familiar, will ask kids.

    1. Pak DD,

      How are You ? , glad to see this and hopefuly You got this and respond to me….

      waiting Your respond Pak DD.

      Best Regards,Purwoko.

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