Hello from Jones Family

Hello to all Tembagapurans! What a great thing to find this site. Wonderful to see all the names we remember and the photos from the reunion, even though it was three years ago. We were Tembagapurans from 1986 to 1991.

We put up some photos of us then and now.

I have been with Stillwater Mining Company (Platinum/Palladium) in Montana for 6 years. I’ve worked here with several TPRA vets, as one would expect: John Arrasmith, Bob Schuler and Jim Phipps are here now. Bob Taylor, Allan Schappert, Denny Stout, and Ed Wernett have been here previously. Ralph Barker consulted here a few years back. And a couple of RAM Raisers are still alimak-ing and have been through here as well.

Thanks to Jason Scarabin for keeping this site. It is great to see new photos. Are they joking . . . A Tembagapura shopping mall?!? A Sheraton Hotel in Timika?!?

TPRA was our greatest experience and we are happy to see so many who feel the same.

Doug, Sharon, Tacey, Zachary, and Nathan Jones

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