Jones Family

Jones 2006 Christmas, Billings, Montana. On the left are Zach, 18, and Tacey, 20. They are the two blonde kids chatting with the natives in the bottom photo, taken in 1990. Next is Sharon, 39, and Nate, 15, who was 8 months in the oven when we left TPRA, so he kinda lived there as well. On the right is me, Doug, also 39.

2006 Christmas in Billings, MT

Doug Jones 1987 at the Dom Site. Grasberg is directly behind me the way it usually appeared, in the clouds. There was no Grabserg activity then, but a few crazy geologists thought there might be something there worth going after.
Doug Jones 1987

Color Contrast – Tacey, Zach, and Natives 1990
Color Contrast - Tacey, Zach, and Natives 1990

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  1. OMG. The picture reminds me of back home some years ago when I was young and naughty. I used to walk past this fences a couple o’ time trying to hide from security guards. They all used to be just so beautiful to have and see I mean in terms of plants, rivers, and nice fresh air in the morning. But, now they all are changed and I sometimes feel like “this is not my hometown”. Now the weather is a bit warm due to global warming.

    Remain Blessed,
    Benggo Zonggonau

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