Earthquake in L.A. – 5.1

Just as I approached the front door to take the dog out, I heard my son Parker’s voice announcing “EARTHQUAKE!”  If he hadn’t announced this, I’d have never known.  But sure enough the chandelier above the kitchen table was swinging to and fro.  I asked if everything was alright and he was but I did hear Ainsley crying.

I went outside with the dog.  When I came back inside, I grabbed my laptop and went to comfort Parker and Ainsley.  Parker has been fascinated with Natural Disasters since we had the earthquake on St. Patrick’s Day this year.  He is so curious about these natural events.  By the time I got into Ainsley’s room, she was calmed down and just asked if the Earthquake was going to shake her room some more.

Parker figured it was too late for another one to occur, so I made sure he understood that earthquakes can occur at anytime but he’s right that much time had passed and the likelihood had decreased that another would occur soon.  The bottom line is these can strike at any time and there is no warning.  Be prepared as best you can.

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