The Lopez Family

Hello to everyone from Tembags. We arrived in about January of 1982 and left in May of 1985. I remember with great fondness our good friends such as the Herrs, Crafts, Foulds, Rendons, Carters, the Johnsons, the Steels (sp?) and many others whose name, but not faces, escape me. My father, like many others, worked in the mine, my sisters Tamara and Vanessa and I attended the school where my mother, Twyla, was the General Music teacher. It would be really great to meet with others townmates we knew. For those of you on My Space, I’ve created a new group for the Tembagapura. Feel free to join by going to [Jack’s links are dead]. In addition, I am there under [Jack’s links are dead]. Love, Jack Lopez-Turner