Mark Carter – Fayetteville, AR USA

Hello, My name is Mark Carter and i lived in the great town of Tembags from 1985 to the early 90’s. I was so pumped when I saw this website. I was flicking through the Discovery Channel and saw a program on Irian Jaya. I decided to show my roomates “Tembagapura” on the Internet and to the surprise I found this wonderful website. Those were the days! You didn’t have to worry about curfews, you could play jailbreak, climb the big rock, go to the sports center, hang out with your friends, enjoy life because at that time we had nothing to worry about. It is finally great to be able to show my friends the place where i lived and had such great memories of so many people. Thanks, Jason for taking the time to make this website and to all my friends out there that I haven’t spoken to in so many years please email so we can catch up! Richard Owens, Preeti Jahagidar, Eddie, Loren, Richie Loffgreen, Kaui, Cal Zimmer, Arika Acton, Shane Macken, Raymund Cueva, Rose Rayco, Zorida, Dennis Rosario, Ricky Basto, Julia Beiling, Vanja, Lucy, Jackie Borders, Jason Tenorio, Rich Barker, Michelle Henderson,Cheryl Saenz, Zach Schwalm, Corey Shult,Robert Thompson,Bart Sedgwick,Jamie Cutts, Mandy Westbrook, Stephanie McDonald.