Scarabin history – United States and France

The surname Scarabin is traced only to Bordeaux, France although many believe it’s an Ukrainian name. The Bordeaux connection is because Francois Scarabin’s ship probably sailed from Bordeaux, but he was from San (Saint) Malo. At the age of 14, it is believed that Francois deserted the French Navy and jumped on a freighter as a stowaway near Bordeaux then jumped ship in southeast Louisiana. As time went on, he cried because he missed his family back in France. Apparently, he never saw them again. He was a short “dried up” man. Many of whom remain from Francois’ blood reside in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, USA in towns such as Belle Chasse, Boothville, Buras, Port Eads, and Venice. Additional Scarabins have been found to be living in Apalachicola, Florida, places in North Carolina and in Austrian cities such as Alpbach or Vienna; i.e., Celine Scarabin. Perhaps the roots of the name lie within cities in France such as Aire Sur La Lys, Baden, Bois Colombes, Clichy, La Baule, La Garde, Lannion, Lyon, Montigny Les Metz, Paris, Perros Guirec, Ploulec h, Pludual, Rennes, Savigny Sur Orge, Strasbourg, or Trebeurden.