AMOLE! From Sudarwanto

As I mentioned the other day, this is one of paintings I have made to express myself to my old memories of Tembagapura anda here is one of them. It”s a highlander who dwells Tembagapura area. Hope you enjoy the style. And if you like it, please send me your comments.

Hi! All My Old Memories…

A couple days ago I received a welcome email from Jason Scarabin. Thanks Jason for making me exist in your wonderful web! It means a great deal of to me and you know what reunion really means, my friend!. It wakes me up again with my old memories and suddenly it’s now time for me to share to you all. I love being the part of this community. All the past memory is unforgettable for the rest of my life. It’s been already seven years since I finally left Tembagapura from resignation. I had begun working at Freeport project in Engineering & Construction Dept as an administrator from March 1992 until December 1998. I do browsing and find out many familiar names around here including the owner, Scarabin’s (Mine Legend). So, well..I’m breathing fresh .. let me just write anything to you again and again and hopefully we create mutual friend relationship for a better value of our lives in the future. See you then

Om Jahagirdar – Richmond, VA USA

Always a pleasure to come and visit this site to see all the old names. My dad probably was one of those ‘odd’ people that had a long tenure in TPRA. 87–02? My sister is now doing her masters in education in DC, and I am studying at the Univ. of Virginia. A big shout out to all those old, old friends, who are now all around the world.

Aimee Ferguson – Bath, England

hi all, i havent been ont his site for a while and it is always great to see who else has been on. my life has changed dramatically since last time i wrote. i have moved to england from aus. i am living in bath. it is so beautiful there are roman baths and abbeys ad heaps of amazing things here. it sure is weird being away from home. luv to hear from see ppl. luv aimee ps. gotta love this site, leeps the memories going forever

James Hansen – Reno, NV USA

Wow this incredible…. Brought back memories that I had forgotten. Lots of names I remember from my childhood. Anyone who remembers feel free to e-mail me. I have met a few people from there since I left, the Holders (Sam lived in Winnemucca when I lived there and I worked with Stuart in Susanville Ca) (Steve Johnson, I went to the same college as him in Utah). Good Job Jason I remember you. I forwarded this site to my brother and sisters so hopefully the get onboard.

Daisy Pangalila – Houston, TX USA

Hello everyone. It is nice to see some familiar names. I hope to do some catching up with some of you who used to live in Tembagapura. I was born and grew up there. I came to the States when I was 15. Love the States, but surely miss my hometown. Drop me a line sometime.

Sario Kalms – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

hi everybody, well it’s been a while since i’ve spoken to anyone from tembag. i lived in tembag 4 a few years,on the same street as dennis rosario and ivy rankin. my parents are nelson &amp angela kalms and i have 2 younger sisters justine and justina hi uncle ronald,how r u? anyways,if any one remembers me and wants to get in touch with me.feel free AND IT’D B GREAT IF WE HAD A REUNION 1 DAY take care and have a good one. Sario Kalms